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"We looked at a lot of homes before deciding awarding the drywall contract. What really struck us about the Secured's Drywall job was how clean it was while the job was still undergoing. You could not help but notice the details and materials they used to produce crisp 45 degree angled lines and square corners. Secured Construction is truly a well-put-together professional company and I would highly recommend them to anyone"


"I've never seen such a detailed touch up job. They spent two hours just circling spots even before they start touching up. SC produces the best drywall finish in the area and they did not pay me to say that"


"To answer your question, what I like best about SC is the ability to interact with one of the owners directly, without having to go through 5-6 other people to solve a problem. I like that personal connection."


"We have really enjoyed the relationship with Steven and the folks at Secured Construction. I will continue to use Secured on all of our up and coming projects and I would recommend them to anyone who's looking for a company that is consistently competitively priced and delivers on their promises."


"I went to look at the house that Secured Construction was currently hanging the drywall and I was very surprised to see that Secured were cutting the drywall wallboards around some very large straps around several windows to ensure the drywall would lay flat against the wall so there would never be a hump in the wall later on when the job progressed. I was convinced at that point that I was talking to the right company and I was in good hands for my custom home. I'm pleased to say things turned out like I expected"


"I was blown away by their speed. They started hanging my 30,000 square foot building that I managed a finished in 9 days and still produced superior quality."


"My philosophy is simple when it comes to subcontractors. Trust and reliability. SC is by far my best subcontractor. I sleep easy knowing it will be done right"

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